Names In Stone

There are few surfaces available in the world that are harder and more long lasting than stone. While a diamond is forever, a stone is considerably cheaper and lasts just about as long! It is an inexpensive work surface and comes in an endless array of colors and sizes. Offer your customers a selection of customized engraved rocks and stones.

You can find engraving tools extremely inexpensively on eBay by running a search for “engraving tools.” The tools range in price and quality, you can pay as little as six dollars for an old fashioned engraving tool that requires a great deal of upper body strength and as much as hundreds or thousands of dollars for a more sophisticated laser engraving setup. It just depends on what kind of tool you would like to use to get your business off the ground. You will likely want to experiment a little with a few different styles of tools before finding the type that best suits you and your engraving needs.

You should allow your customers to choose the word or phrase that they would like engraved as well as the size of the stone that they would like their selection engraved upon. You could offer large stones that would be a beautiful addition to a garden or landscape. You could also offer smaller stones that would work well as a gift or keepsake. People never seem to tire of new and inventive ideas for paperweights!

You could also offer to engrave larger pebbles or semi-precious stones with a hole bored through them to hang from a ribbon or chain and worn as jewelry around their neck, wrist, or ankle.

You could also offer to engrave symbols or small simple pictures of animals or flowers. There is even a market for items decorated in silly looking monsters. With the proper equipment, you could even offer to engrave a person’s signature or a small child’s drawing.

By letting the final engraving selection be your customer’s decision, it allows them to be a part of the creative process and insures that their final rock or stone is truly a one-of-a-kind, uniquely customized creation. You could charge per character or symbol and have a larger fee for larger rocks and stones. For really unusually sized stones, such as the kinds that might be found as a corner stone for an old barn or a road marker, you should charge a much larger fee for engraving and delivery. You might even offer to engrave a family’s name or their crest into a stone that is already on their property. For this kind of service, you would charge a traveling fee as well.

To show potential customers what the finished stones can look like, you should first engrave a few common names and possibly some interesting proverbs or adjectives on a few stones. Words such as “dream,” “create,” or “imagine” are very popular choices since creative people like to be reminded of these ideas frequently. You could even engrave the names of local tourist destinations on a few stones. If you live near a large city such as San Francisco or London, you could engrave the city’s name on stones and tourists would happily take them home as a memento of a fun-filled vacation. By having a selection of items available that are already engraved, you will be able to provide your customers with a selection of items to choose from that would be instantly available with no waiting required.


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