Profit From The 5 Tibetan Rites Of Rejuvenation

Everyone strives to look and feel younger. The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation are a specific set of exercise that will make anyone feel healthier, more flexible, stronger, and have better stamina. Offer classes and informational products to teach people this beneficial type of exercise.

If you are skilled in this type of exercise, this would be an excellent ‘business idea’ to pursue. Offer classes and informational products to teach people this type of exercise.
Teach people that want to learn how to take advantage of the program for their own health benefits. Your students will already be motivated to learn from you once they find out the benefits.

You may need to invest in advertising at first, let people know that you are able to teach them to find health benefits from learning these exercises in your classes, or individual training sessions. Once people start seeing changes in your students’ health and stamina they will start asking how they have made the changes.

Check your local area to see what the cost of other exercise programs are there. You should be able to charge the average fee charged by other types of exercise instructors in your area. Once you are established and have many students you will be able to start charging more for your services.

Check with local schools, community centers, and malls to see if you can teach and offer your classes there. You will have to give part of your profits to them for the use of their areas. You should still be able to make a sizeable amount of money.

If you choose to teach people in their own homes or offices, you will be able to charge more per person, because you will be traveling and bringing your services to them. You can also offer to teach small classes with people in their homes. Give the host a discount for using their home as the place to meet together for the exercise programs.

When your students start feeling better from the exercises, they will share their reasons with others that will also be interested. This will help you to gain more students for your classes. Encourage them to give your information to others. Advertising by word of mouth is always one of the best forms of advertising.

It is important to have business cards with your contact information on them and brochures about this specific form of exercise program, and its benefits. You also want to include your options of class sizes and fees charged for them. If there are books that you would like your students to read also, try to make them easily available to them. To make more money on these exercise programs you may want to write your own book and make it available to your students.

At first when you are looking for students, you may also offer your classes to large companies, offering to teach classes to their employees, within the building they work in. Stress the health benefits offered to those that attend the classes. The company may choose to foot the bill and offer the space for classes in their building.